Martes, Nobyembre 27, 2012

Camella Condo Homes - Katipunan

Camella Condo Homes - Katipunan

Camella Condo Homes - KatipunanCamella Condo Homes presents The Newest Landmark in the Educational Capital of Metro Manila North. Rising near University of the Philippines, Miriam College and right across Ateneo de Manila.

The country's leader in home development for 35 years still leads the way to give you the best options for your investment. Camella, from its humble beginnings in the 70's has since built over 250,000 homes in 25 provinces and 55 cities and municipalities.

Now, the same Camella you've known for more than three decades is introducing a fresh approach to condo living. The same community feel, now in a tower atmosphere.

Camella Condo Homes high-rise and mid-rise communities in the heart of the city! Better accessibility with the same Camella affordability. CONTINUE READING...

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